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This short, simple reader was intended to be used by tutors and teachers for younger students. I would guess the reading level at around 3rd grade.

Topics include basic landforms, the scientific processes of weather and geographical formation, and some things that the land produces.

This is not a geography reader that will […]

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A while back ago I posted a series of books called Beautiful England. They are descriptive little tomes with paintings of the structures and lands of England.

I was pleased to find that Project Gutenberg had added another title from the series – this one covering the famous lakes of the […]

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The Boy Travellers

On April 23, 2013 By

 A Civil War soldier turned journalist, turned world traveller, Thomas Knox was a man that knew adventure.

Are you familiar with The King and I? Well – Knox actually knew the king of Siam intimately and taught him many things about American education. He is mentioned in the book Anna and the King […]

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Beautiful England Books

On September 17, 2012 By

If you have anyone in your family interested in the history of England, they will absolutely love this book series.

The volumes entitled Beautiful England each describe one area of the country in a relaxed, conversation-style text and gorgeous illustrations.

The focus in […]

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Another great set of readers for geography and culture is the Children Of All Lands series.  Written primarily by Madeline Brandeis, there are a few titles by other authors.

These readers are unique in that they use photographs taken by the author, as well as stock photography from […]

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James Chamberlain also created a set of readers called “Supplementary Geographies” which were focused on a specific continent.

Here are the titles that I could find:

Europe Africa South America Asia North America

Each book covers the major areas, peoples, and […]

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How We Are Clothed

On September 4, 2012 By

I am sure that you want to learn all you can about the materials from which your clothing is made. You want to know where they come from, and how they are prepared.

In order to learn this, we must, in imagination, visit many parts of our country and many other countries […]

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How We Are Sheltered

On September 3, 2012 By

This week I will be sharing several “geography readers” from James Franklin Chamberlain.

Each one of these books is written for elementary students.  How We Are Sheltered combines the interests of culture and geography by telling how different people live, and what kinds of dwellings they live in.


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How We Are Fed

On February 9, 2012 By

This little geography reader is a dignified piece of writing.  Each little story it contains tells about one kind of food, and how it gets to our dining table.

From cranberries and chestnuts to cheese and oysters, this book has 28 products that it describes.  Some of the methods of production […]

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Peeps at Many Lands

On September 26, 2011 By

This series of books, published in the early 1900’s, is still very relevant today.  Though some of the geographical and political facts have changed, the stories from these countries gives children a “living look” into cultures from around the world.

Each volume contains a map of the country and most contain […]

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