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In this small volume the boys of many lands and races whose stories are told, have been selected not because they later became famous men, although some of them did, but because each one achieved something noteworthy as a boy. And in each boy’s character, whether historic or legendary, courage was the marked trait. For [...]

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Long, long ago, when the Indians owned the land, there lived in Virginia, near the river afterwards called the James, a little girl, the Princess Pocahontas, daughter of the great chief Powhatan.

Pocahontas was her father’s favorite child, and the pet of the whole tribe; even the fierce warriors loved [...]

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A Boy’s Summer on the Buffalo Plains

A long time ago, before any of you were born, great herds of buffalo fed on the western plains, and wild Indians lived by hunting them. They ate the flesh, wore the skins as clothing, slept in lodges made from the hides, and fashioned tools from different parts [...]

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The life of Theodore Roosevelt is one well worth studying by any American boy who wishes to make something of himself and mount high on the ladder of success.

The twenty-sixth President of our country is a fine type of the true American of to-day, full of vim and vigor, quick to comprehend, and equally [...]

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In the year 1780 there was in North Carolina, west of Broad River, and near the site of what is now known as Rutherfordton, a settlement called Gilbert Town.

A great way to read about history is to focus on a specific geographic area or by looking at the stories of the people who [...]

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In writing this story of Abraham Lincoln, the author depended primarily on Lincoln’s own statements and on the statements of his family and friends who had firsthand knowledge of his everyday life.

How Abraham Lincoln became president

Abraham Lincoln is a popular character for children because of his character and his significance in the [...]

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Edward Sylvester Ellis – Dime Novel Author

The son of a famous hunter, Edward was a school teacher, journalist, and prolific author during the last part of the 1800′s.

His works are immeasurable because he wrote under various pseudonyms and pen names. Most of his books and articles were adventure stories for boys and historical biographies.


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In this story I have endeavored to take my young readers to one of our noblest rivers, and not only to make them share in the stirring experiences which are to be had on its waters, but also to make them feel something of the power of the wonderful history [...]

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Living stories about John Smith, the founding of Plymouth, and all the way to the signing of the Declaration of Independence!

Published in 1922, this living history book has several color and black and white illustrations.

Twenty seven captivating stories about Colonial America.

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Another companion [...]

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For thirty years or more we have been gathering up these myths and legends. Sometimes a brief sentence or two of one would be heard in some wigwam—just enough to excite curiosity—then years would elapse ere the whole story could be secured. As the tribes had no written language, and the Indians had to depend [...]

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